Recess from Reality: The Feminist Failure to Embrace School Choice, a special report that highlights how feminist opposition to school choice disserves women and their children.

“Feminist groups like the National Organization for Women claim to be ‘pro-choice.’ But when it comes to giving parents a choice about where to send their kids to school, they change their tune and fight any program that gives parents more control,” said Carrie Lukas, director of policy at IWF and the report’s author

“This is really a matter of hypocrisy,” Lukas continued. “A recent news story on Senator John Edwards’ family noted that he will send his kids to private schools here in D.C. in the fall. At the same time, he opposes a program that gives low-income D.C. parents the same ability. Those who have fought against these programs — like the feminist organizations and Senators Edwards and Kerry — need to return from their recess from reality and join the chorus of school choice supporters.”

Recess from Reality: The Feminist Failure to Embrace School Choice highlights research that indicates that education choice programs improve student outcomes and refutes some of the most common criticisms feminists make about school choice. It also suggests how women might directly benefit from school choice programs.

“Many families are making significant financial sacrifices to move into districts with good public schools. School choice programs could free them from this financial pressure, which would allow some women who would prefer to stay home with their children to do so,” said Lukas. “Women’s organizations should explore these and other benefits of school choice.”