Instapundit has clued me in to today’s hottest web pages: the reader reviews of “My Life” on

So far, 48 separate reviews of Bill Clinton’s endless autobiography. The most common reaction? You guessed it: disappointment that there wasn’t more about Monica. The second most common reaction: snooze-provoking boredom. Here’s a sample from a reader from St. Paul, Minn (scroll down), who confesses to actually being a fan of Bill the President in contrast to Bill the Prose Stylist:

“If you’re thinking about getting it, keep in mind that a $20 nutcracker or dustcollector on a bookshelf isn’t necessarily worth the price. I would wait until paperback if I could do it again.”

Bet some of those Clintonistas who waited all night in the East Coast rain to get their copies are sorry now.