As you’ll note from the posts by IWF interns on our homepage, Bill Clinton’s behavior is still making life hard for Washington interns.

A report from Reuters indicates that his chivalry-challenged account of his relationship with the most famous intern in the annals of Washington ambition has been painful to Miss Lewinsky:

“In response to Clinton’s recent remark to U.S. news show ’60 Minutes,’” Reuters reports, “that he had the affair ’for the worst possible reason — because I could,’ Lewinsky said she ’was really upset’ when she first heard it.

“‘I have spent the past several years working so hard to just move on, and to try and build a life for myself,’ said Lewinsky, 30, who has been a spokeswoman for diet company Jenny Craig and host of the reality TV show ’Mr. Personality.’”

Loath as Inkwell is to criticize the young lady, it’s important to recall that she told her own side of the affair in her 1999 book “Monica’s Story.” She told Reuters she was speaking out about Clinton’s version in “My Life” “reluctantly.”

‘He says he was proud of the way that he defended the presidency, at my expense,” she said. “In the process he destroyed me, and that was the way he was going to have to do that, to get through impeachment. I was a young girl and to hear him saying some of the things he was saying today — it’s a shame.”
I do sympathize with Miss Lewinsky, and I do hate to be a prig, but all sorts of homey adages come to mind:

It’s always the girl who gets hurt…

Why buy the cow if…

Yes, they’re hopelessly antediluvian but somehow I think they’re still true.

Mama done told me–though in our day and age, it’s quite possible that Miss Lewinsky’s Mama didn’t tell her any of this.