Reader J.G. e-mails to convey her delight in discovering Spin Sisters: How the Women of the Media Sell Unhappiness–and Liberalism–to American Women, Myrna Blyth’s best-seller. Myrna is a former editor of  the Ladies Home Journal who became disenchanted with the world of women’s media and their relentless message that American women are oppressed creatures direly in need of expensive government programs. We at the IWF are proud to have been one of the first organizations to promote Myrna’s book back in the spring, and we’re thrilled to have seen it climb the sales charts.

J.G. writes:

“I have observed the very articles and shows mentioned therein and have frequently asserted my right to not be assaulted by such misinformation by refusing to buy or subscribe to the magazines or by using the most important item on a TV–the ‘Off’ button. I am going to scan through your website and see what your organization offers. It will be interesting to see if this then is a true alternative to the daily inundation of pap that currently flows through society in the name of ‘women’s concerns.’

And reader H.M. loved Government’s New Mommy Wars by the IWF’s own Carrie Lukas, available on the IWF home page and also in the Washington Times, where Carrie’s article first appeared.  Like Myrna, Carrie is highly skeptical of the feminist establishment’s call for government programs–in this case federally subsidized universal day care–as the supposed solution to the problems of working moms who are already paying taxes at their husband’s highest bracket-rate and don’t need yet another tax increase to pay for yet another massive, costly bureaucratic pseudo-solution.

Writes H.M. 

“Ms. Lukas has identified the problem: ‘The real source of this conflict is inside each individual woman who feels torn between children and career. That is not a struggle government can resolve.’

“Ms. Lukas has worked out the correct approach: ’Leave the issue to women for their own resolution.’ It’s just plain old ordinary common sense. There are close to 7 billion people on this planet, indicating that women the world over have successfully dealt with their concerns during their lifetimes. There are always issues whenever the decision is made to have children. They have been with humanity since the Stone Age, when we lived in caves as hunter gatherers. A woman then had to make life-and-death choices between collective work for the tribe, and work for herself and her children, finding a mate, or making some arrangement with others in the tribe to support her and the children.”