Salon magazine’s blogger World O’ C–p (the title dovetails so nicely with the content!) is at it again, with another attack on the InkWell and the two delightful gals who run it. I don’t even know who runs WO’C (he or she declines to identify himself or herself), but I sure love the monicker that WO’C has come up with for The Other Charlotte and me: “the sinister Charlotte twins.” Yes! Sinister sisters we are indeed.

Scroll down from here, and you’ll see that WO’C’s specific target is a June 16 Mailbag post by me quoting from an e-mail to the InkWell from reader “Brittany”:

“I am writing to discuss the pervasiveness of the liberal bias in todays colleges. At my college I am forced to listen to my professors’ opinions and constantly have socialism shoved down my throat.” 

I invited other Inky readers to share any stories they might have of similar campus outrages perpetrated by the professorial left. So WO’C, who faithfully follows the InkWell’s every move, posted the following:

“Dear Inkwell,

“My college offers a degree in Liberal Studies, but not one in Conservative Studies — what clearer evidence of bias do you need. 

“Plus, once I had a history professor tell us that America dropped an atomic bomb on a Japanese city.  Why do liberals always try to ruin WWII by spreading lies like this? 

“And to top it all off, my college even sponsored a French Club!!! I am sick and tired of having organs of unpatriotism shoved down my throat.  I hope the CWF can do something to the verbal and oral abuses on our campuses.”

Interesting–but just what is the “CWF”? “Cross-dressing Wonky Frogs”? If so, we sincerely hope that the ranids in skirts who work at think tanks give you a hand, WO’C. You need it.