Were you surprised at the lackluster reporting on the surprise early handover of power in Iraq?

“At 2:26 a.m. EDT, as most Americans were sleeping,” writes columnist Kathleen Parker,  “sovereignty passed quietly from the Coalition Provisional Authority to the new Iraqi provisional government. Two days ahead of schedule. Good news, right? A noble goal realized, yes?

“Not if your goal is to unseat President George W. Bush, in which case bad news is good news.”

This was a great achievement for America and a moment of hope for a nation that has suffered greatly.

No, the violence has not ended, but we are closer to our goal of a free Iraq as a sign of hope in a region of tyranny and fanaticism.

It’s too bad that some people–many of whom are in the press–can’t for just a moment think about something other than the November election.

A hosanna or two for a stellar achievement would not have come amiss.