You may be richer than you think.

No, this is not some Pollyanna story or an investment hoax.

Democrats want to raise taxes on “the rich,” and you just might qualify…

“We’re only recognized as rich quadrennially, of course–when campaigns are in full swing,” writes a businessman in the latest from the American Enterprise Institute’s fab mag. “But even if we make the cut solely during election times, it’s fun being rich. Wintering in Aspen, summering in Nantucket, luxury cars, fancy prep schools and Ivy League colleges, hobnobbing with movie starlets and marrying heiresses, I’m living large. Oops! No, that’s John Kerry’s life. Come to think of it, I drive a Ford Taurus, my kids have all gone to public schools, and my vacations usually involve economy motels and breakfast at McDonald’s.”