The Iraqi insurgents apparently don’t need to hire a high-priced PR consultant to help with image questions.

American soldiers in Iraq face a media savvy enemy–and a biased media that appears only too willing to allow the enemy to exploit them. 

“Ever hear of the Battle of the Humvee?” writes Diana West.

“That’s what I’m calling a May skirmish fought by soldiers of the 37th Armored Regiment’s 2nd Battalion in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf. In what became a six-hour firefight, Americans battled militiamen of Muqtada al-Sadr to secure the hulk of a burning Humvee.

“It’s not that our soldiers fought because the flaming wreck amounted to a tin can’s worth of military value. They fought,as Capt. Ty Wilson of Fairfax, Va., explained to The Washington Post, because “we weren’t going to let them dance on it for the news. Even [with] all the guys they lost that day, that still would have given them victory.”