“At age 30, Monica has only a few years left to find herself a lifetime mate and bear the children that most women deem to be their most important and fulfilling responsibility–or else to get herself a real career,” my colleague, The Other Charlotte, wrote a few days ago.

The Monica Saga also complicates The Legacy for Bill Clinton, who knows that the former intern’s name will appear prominently in his obituary.

Writing in National Review, Jennifer Graham offers Mr. Clinton old-fashioned advice on how to solve the problem to universal satisfaction:

“But there is a solution to your quagmire, a simple one that could bring happiness to one man and two women, spread joy throughout the nation and, most importantly, break up the summer news drought: Marry Monica, Mr. President, marry Monica! Now, before it’s too late!”

Graham notes that the duo could start where they left off and couldn’t have a bother about that pesky Judge Starr. In fact, they could call and chortle, “Hey, Ken, guess what we’re doing now!”

Graham says that, a few months on Atkins, and Bill and Monica could own the world.