Hot Off the Griddle: The July 13 issue of Family Circle with its Election 2004 Cookie Cook-Bake-Off–a tradition that began with Hillary Clinton’s ill-advised remarks about women who bake cookies on “60 Minutes”–is on the stands.

Featured in the mag are Laura Bush’s Oatmeal-Chocolate Chunks and Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Pumpkin Spice Cookies.

You are supposed to try to recipes and then vote–an important primary since the winner has become First Lady in the last three-bake-offs–I mean presidential elections.

And, by the way, as Myrna Blyth notes on National Review, The Spice Girl’s cookies came pretty durned close to being Republican delectables:

“Teresa Heinz Kerry,” writes Blyth, “is the only woman in American history who might have been a Republican First Lady and instead is now working, she claims, “nine days” a week to become a Democratic one.

“Newsweek characterized her as ‘a serious tough-minded policy wonk’ and she admits she will help ‘shape policy…especially at the dining room table.’ One can only wonder since John Heinz did not live to fulfill his goals, how much his widow fueled John Kerry’s presidential ambition.”