W.E.W. continues his e-mail dialogue with us on Ted Rall and Caryl Chessman’s execution (see Mailbag, Condi-troversy, July 12):

“My point: Calling Rall outrageous is throwing him into the briar patch. He wears such classification with pride. I ignore that and attack his premise instead, which is where he is weakest.

“I believe the Little Lindberg Law under which Chessman was convicted was a good law, sorely missed. Opponents to the death penalty must answer for the known depredation by convicted but released murderers. Almost half the guys dying of old age on California’s death row are there after a second murder conviction. If a fireman put out half a brushfire behind your house and then quit, the subsequent loss of your house would be the fault of the fireman. Executing criminals, like carrying out garbage, is a messy but essential component of society. Those without the will to carry out the function should seek other employment.”