Why does George hate George?

Bush-hating billionaire George Soros has spent so many of his millions to defeat George Bush that he has demonstrated the folly of the McCain-Feingold Act (if a demonstration was needed). 

You remember McCain-Feingold? It was that noble act of Congress that was going to reduce the impact of filthy lucre in political campaigns (and curtail the ability of many, though not billionaires, to express their political views by giving money).

Of course, it was just a matter of time.

We knew all along that the smart money would quickly circumvent McCain-Feingold. Soros explains why he is driven to try to bring down the Bush administration in his new book, ‘The Bubble of American Supremacy.’

As Midge Decter notes in a review of the book:

“[Soros’s] objections to the Bush Administration extend pretty much across the board, but clearly his main focus at the moment is what he calls Bush’s ’radical new’ foreign policy–most particularly, of course, as this policy is nowadays being given expression by the war in Iraq. For in his view this policy amounts to nothing less arrogant and greedy–and desperately dangerous–than an effort to extend American hegemony across the entire world.

“Now whether Mr. Soros supposes that the ambition for America to rule the world was George W. Bush’s own all along, or whether he believes that the president was at some point pushed, or perhaps pulled, into adopting it, he does not actually venture to say. But there is clearly no doubt in his mind that the American government’s setting out to achieve global supremacy had originally been the idea of a certain dangerous, and dangerously influential, ’cabal’–indeed, he would probably characterize the group in question as a downright full-scale conspiracy.

“And he reminds us that some of these erstwhile conspirators have now found their way into the very center of power: in the Pentagon–beginning with both the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense and extending who knows how far beyond them in the bowels of the military bureaucracy–and in the White House, as close to the Oval Office as Vice President Dick Cheney himself (the man who, as the old saw has it, is just a heartbeat away from the presidency).”