We love Teresa Heinz Kerry! Just as her preppy hub-hub John F. straightens his tie to accept the Dem nomination in Boston, Teresa tells a reporter to “shove it.” And we thought that only Republicans–in the form of Dick “F-Word” Cheney–ever instructed anyone to put anything where the sun don’t shine.

The irony, of course, was that Teresa was in the middle of giving a speech on civility in politics to her fellow Pennsylvania Dems at a reception yesterday in Boston. Editorial page editor Colin McNickle of the conservative Pittsburgh Tribune-Review had asked Teresa what she had meant by “un-American” in a remark about “creeping…un-American traits” in U.S. politics. According to Matt Drudge, Teresa pushed–or shall we say shoved?–her way through a crowd of reporters to confront McNickle. Her words: “You said something I didn’t say. Now shove it!” (Matt, by the way, links to the video, and you can read comments on Lucianne.)

The Dems and the liberal media expressed horror a few weeks ago that Cheney could have been so openly vulgar in public. We’re waiting for equal-time outrage at this display of distinctly unladylike language from the would-be First Lady.