Are they reading us loud and clear in Australia? Or do all great minds think alike? The Independent Women’s Forum’s Carrie Lukas came up with the catchy term “Dependency Divas” to sum up the feminist attitude towards government.

And now a piece from an Australian newspaper that uses the clever phrase “Discrimination Divas”–to capture the feminist view of life in general–has come across Inkwell’s cyber desk.

The piece, headlined, “It’s Choice, Not Oppression” appeared in the Australian, and it’s definitely on the same page as the IWF when it comes to the wage gap, which feminists vastly exaggerate for political purposes, and the real reasons for the slight gap:

“Is the pay gap a case of genuine discrimination or is it dogma? Discrimination depends on details that numbers like these do not provide. Canberra University’s associate professor of economics Anne Daly says the numbers reveal nothing about the different areas men and women work in, whether they work in high-fee grossing areas, how committed they are, the hours they work and such. These variables matter when you compare earnings. But we never hear about them when feminists peddle their tale of discrimination woe.

“Imagine, if all feminists decided to look beyond the raw numbers for the detail, acknowledging, for example, the nuance of women’s choices. At May 2004, of 1,026,000 women in the workforce married or partnered with children under the age of 15, 622,000 work part-time and 404,000 work full-time. By contrast, for men in that same category, almost 1.5 million work full-time and 93,000 work part-time. Is this evidence of a stalled revolution, of women being excluded from full-time work?”