Did you think that the Kerry campaign had locked the wacky heiress in the dungeon of one of her five or six houses?

Were you beginning to find the political scene dull and arid without the opinions of Teresa? 

Well, we don’t know where they were hiding her, but she obviously bribed one of the servants for the key. Yes, Teresa is back, opinions and all.

As a newspaper dispatch from the heiress’s stop in Lancaster, Pa. reports:

“Teresa Heinz Kerry said Wednesday that ‘only an idiot’ would fail to support her husband’s health care plan…If Kerry is elected, Heinz Kerry predicted that opponents of his health care plan would be voted out of office. ‘Only an idiot wouldn’t like this,’ she said…’I don’t have to sell it–the people want it,’ Heinz Kerry said of the health plan. ‘The common man doesn’t look at me as some rich witch. I talk about what I see. It has always been so. You judge people not by their pocketbook but by their actions. Walk the walk.'”

When was the last time you heard somebody talk about “the common man?”

It’s rather sweet isn’t it, the way Teresa thinks about the voter?

The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto, noting the soupcon of condescension in Teresa’s remark, ties her latest in with George Will’s column today.

Will writes: “Kerry is the candidate of the intellectually vain–of those who, practicing the politics of condescension, consider Bush moronic.”

Of course, liberals in New York and the Hamptons and perhaps one or one and a half other places in the U.S. love Teresa.

The New York Observer has a glowing profile in the new issue. Actually, the cover drawing, of Mrs. Heinz Kerry with a whip in a dominatrix get up, is quite clever. But the story is not designed to make Teresa appealing to The Common Man.
Here’s a quote from the NY Observer: “‘It speaks well of John Kerry that he married Teresa — it means he’s not intimidated by other people’s intelligence,’ said 28-year-old Anna Wahrman, the copy chief at Stuff magazine. ‘As opposed to a certain lying imbecile who needs his wife to be seen and not heard.'”

Nothing like being copy chief of Stuff magazine to give you intellectual credential.