Inky reader M.C. alerts us to the American Film Renaissance festival starting tomorrow in Dallas, the first ever festival of pro-Bush, pro-America, unabashedly patriotic movies in America. The centerpieces of the festival are likely to be Michael C. Wilson’s Michael Moore Hates America, DC 9/11: Time of Crisis, a fictionalized account of those fateful days starring Timothy Bottoms as George W. Bush, and Is It True What They Say About Ann?, a documentary about our flame-spitting blonde fave Ann Coulter. Film critic Michael Medved will deliver the keynote speech at an opening-night reception.

Sure, most of the festival offerings are going to be low-budget, independently produced films unlikely to make it to your neighborhood megaplex. Still, the whole idea of a conservative film festival sounds like a gas, and in fact the American Film Renaissance festival may have started a veritable round of right-of-center movie fests. On Oct. 1-3 in Hollywood, the Liberty Film Festival (which also bills itself as “America’s first conservative film festival” will show a round of many of the same movies shown in Dallas–plus Terminal Island, Jason Apuzzo’s sleeper-thriller about terrorism at the Los Angeles harbor. Michael Medved will also make an appearance, along with talk show-host Larry elder and Dan Gifford, producer of the Oscar-nominated Waco: The Rules of Engagement. The festival will also include such offerings as “Conservative Filmmaking 101” and “You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again!” dealing with your likely fate if you join the conservative film crowd.

We like the spunk of these low-budget auteurs–and we hope there will be many more of these fests that prove that conservatives can be artistes too!