OK, so the Air National Guard “memos” didn’t work out–the libs still have their big gun to roll: Kitty Kelley and her just-about-forthcoming new book, The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty. The one that tells about how G.W. Bush snorted coke at Camp David when his dad was president. (Oh who cares that Kelley’s claimed source for the incident, George’s ex-sister-in-law Sharon Bush, has denied that anything of the kind occurred! Kitty just found herself a new source, an unnamed, hitherto unknown third party who she now says was also on the scene. So there.)

Actually, “The Family” sounds like a ripping good read–as long as you remember to file Kelley’s book in the fiction section of your shelf. Here’s an excerpt an interview with Kelley in today’s Seattle Times:

“‘I was fascinated by the family dynamic of it all,’ Kelley said yesterday in an interview with The Associated Press. ‘I started out thinking that it was maybe “The Donna Reed Show” and maybe I ended up thinking it was “The Sopranos.”‘

“Kelley laughs. Although she says the book is ‘not meant to attack,’ she sure hits hard when she describes President Bush and first lady Laura Bush as being ‘more demonstrative to their dogs than to each other,’ or when she writes of former first lady Barbara Bush: ‘Behind her grandmotherly facade was a pearl-wearing mugger the equal of Ma Barker.'”

I love it! And I love the way “The Family” segues so nicely with Rathergate: They’ve both got that novelistic twist. How imaginative of the liberals to decide that the best way to topple G.W. isn’t investigative reporting but fantasy literature. Next: “George W. Bush and the Prisoner of Azkaban.”