As we move into Debate Week, Inkwell wants to point out two more articles on the media–one, by David Broder, the dean of political reporters, is a must-read, not because Broder gets it right but because of how he gets it wrong.

The venerable Mr. Broder admits (in a column headlined “Losing Their Way”) that the reputation of Big Media has collapsed in the wake of the Rathergate scandal, but then comes up with this analysis:

“We need to be asking why this collapse has taken place.

“My suspicion is that it stems from a widespread loss of confidence in both the values of journalism and the economic viability of the news business.”

Honk if you believe that it was Dan Rather’s lack of confidence that got him in trouble. Try arrogance, bias, Bush-hatred, and wishful thinking.

(Lucianne’s headline for the Venerable Broder’s column is, “I’m David Broder, and I’ve lost my way.”)

The second piece on offer this morning is Howard Kurtz’s media column in today’s Washington Post, which reports that there is now a red and blue media and that rarely does the twain meet. This strikes Inky as more astute that Broder’s analysis.