The “I Had an Abortion” T-shirt, featured in Salon magazine and the garment of choice (so to speak) for feministas who believe that being pro-choice means being anti-good taste, continues to draw letters (see the Mailbags for Sept. 21 and Sept. 27). Reader R.W. e-mails:

“As counter-protesters against the March for Reproductive Freedom [on April 25], after the march, a friend and I saw one of these T-Shirts on an individual. So we asked her about her abortion (what it was like, how she felt, etc.); she had a shirt on proclaiming she’d had one, right?

Turns out she wasn’t wearing it because she’d actually had one herself, but one of her relatives, now deceased, had had one. So we asked about this relative’s experience, and the protester said they’d never discussed the abortion. So she doesn’t actually know what her relative felt about the abortion, just that one was obtained. And we have someone proudly proclaiming she had a abortion (on her chest), when truth is she hadn’t had one yet. Evidently, the message “I had an abortion” is more important than mere facts.”

How strange–an abortion wannabe. Ah, the lengths to which people will go in the name of ideology.

Due to reader demand, The Other Charlotte and I are now posting again weekly on The Apprentice, although the second season of NBC’s Donald Trump-centric reality show is but a pale imitation of the glorious first (to catch up, click here and here). But reader K.S. points out that both TOC and TC became so addled with disappointment when we tuned in last Thursday that we couldn’t even get the name of Omarosa wannabe Stacie J. right: 

“Just as a mild correction: “Stacie,” not Stacy, was fired by the Donald, and her given name on the show is Stacie J. , not Stacie G. as you posted. Love you gals! Keep up the good work.”

Well, we’ll at least try to do more careful work when we report on tomorrow’s episode. It will be “Stacie G.” forever. Of course, since the Donald fired the hapless Stacie last week on a Trumped-up charge of insanity lodged by her scheming teammates, we’ll probably never have occasion to mention her again.