Ladies, we’re being courted like never before–but a piece in the Seattle Times says that the Democratic Party’s old pick-up lines aren’t working on us any more. Read the whole piece, but here’s a nugget:

“So ladies are now set to get what you might call a thoroughly modern courtship from the Democrats — quick and dirty. ’Sen. Romeo’ from North Carolina has been dispatched to lunch with women’s groups and, well, no one imagines Kerry acquired that sunny glow for the fellas. Minivan moms, start your engines.

“Kerry has been going ’Live with Regis and Kelly’ and heading to a Redbook luncheon (cookie recipe forthcoming?). And Democrats like former Clinton press secretary Mike McCurry have predicted that Kerry will aim for some nice soft tones in tonight’s debate, since women don’t like to see bullies like Al Gore wandering and huffing about.

“Such courtship rituals are for the benefit of the potential Bush voters who’ve been dubbed ’security moms,’ much to the annoyance of certain feminist leaders. But at least this election has treated women as capable of being engaged by the great issues, rather than as just another narrow special interest, like, say, ethanol promoters.

“Trying to drag women voters back to their proper concerns, NOW’s Linda Berg lectures that: ’As we enter 2004, few remember a time in our political history where women’s rights were more in jeopardy.’ And speaking at a NARAL dinner last year, Kerry insisted, ’Never in my years in the Senate have the rights of women been at such risk…as they are by this administration.’”

Margaret Carlson of Time, launching a new column in the L. A. Times, mocks Bush’s appeal to women (and in doing so, caricatures the concerns of women who don’t want their children to be blown up by terrorists):

“Though Kerry is painted as a wishy-washy blowhard who’ll outsource our national manhood to Jacques Chirac, Bush is the world’s sheriff with no time for the United Nations, riding off to round up the bad guys. The one time he hesitated before striking back he had a woman-proof explanation. Criticized for sitting and listening to the rest of ’My Pet Goat’ (with apparent interest) after learning that the United States was under attack on 9/11, he explained that he didn’t want to scare a bunch of children.

“The fact is, Bush never steps out of his regular-guy character. Far from being a detriment, his mangled sentences add to his just-folks persona. When he stumbles using the word ’litigious,’ he stops, theatrically, to define it, as if he just learned the fancy phrase. Compared with Kerry, with his comma-studded perorations, such a down-home fella must be honest.”

Feel condescended to, ladies?