Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of You Know Who, has completed her new film, a cinema verite look at this year’s presidential election. (You might remember she did one about candidate George Bush in 2000.)

It’s obvious that Alexandra Pelosi would prefer the Democrat to win. (So, of course, would Mummy Pelosi.) But Cathy Seipp, taking time off from keeping an eye on Maureen Dowd, notices something interesting in the movie–Bush is actually nicer to Pelosi than Kerry:

“But Bush still treated her with a lot more warmth than Kerry did, kissing her on the cheek, calling her ’baby,’ giving her dating advice, and — in Journeys’ most memorable scene — generously getting her back in the press corps’ good graces after a gaffe on her part meant they’d frozen her out.

“The most human Kerry ever seems in Diary is when he finally, about two-thirds of the way through, looks straight at Pelosi, smiles in resigned recognition, and manages a ’Hello, Alexandra’ that does sound sincerely friendly, even if it comes off rather like Mr. Wilson caught by Dennis the Menace in a less-grumpy-than-usual mood. There’s one other (relatively) relaxed moment near the end, when Kerry grabs the camcorder and starts interviewing his interviewer.”