Contact: Louise Filkins
Phone: 202-419-1820

WASHINGTON, DC — The Independent Women’s Forum today challenged the presidential candidates to outline a plan for reducing the size of government and returning more control of hard-earned tax dollars to individuals during their last debate tomorrow night.

“The federal government is too big and is too involved in micromanaging our lives,” said Carrie Lukas, director of policy at the Independent Women’s Forum. “Women want a candidate who recognizes that the government’s number one priority is to protect America from attack and will leave individuals in control of other areas of our lives.”

“The next President has the opportunity to make some important policy changes,” Lukas continued. “A pro-woman and pro-independence agenda will include reducing our tax burden so that women keep more of what they earn; reforming Social Security so that women have more control and more options for saving for their retirement; promoting school choice so parents, not bureaucrats, determine the education their children receive; and advancing healthcare reform that puts power in the hands of patients.”

The Independence Women’s Forum has written extensively on the need to reduce government in reports such as Agenda for Women 2004 and Dependency Divas: How the Feminist Big Government Agenda Betrays Women.

“It would be a mistake for these candidates to listen and pander to the big-government feminist organizations like the National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority. These dependency divas believe more government is the solution to every problem, but most women know that dependence on government is not independence,” said Lukas.