As we approach the final presidential debate which takes place tonight, I have a message for Messrs. Bush and Kerry: Don’t pander to me, gentlemen.

Please don’t assume that because I am a woman I am dying to pay more taxes on my earnings to support an array of government programs I’ll probably never use.

If the candidates want to know what “women’s issues” really are, they can do no better than reading Carrie Lukas’s advice to the debaters on the IWF homepage:

“The next President has the opportunity to make some important policy changes,” Lukas noted. “A pro-woman and pro-independence agenda will include reducing our tax burden so that women keep more of what they earn; reforming Social Security so that women have more control and more options for saving for their retirement; promoting school choice so parents, not bureaucrats, determine the education their children receive; and advancing healthcare reform that puts power in the hands of patients.”