One of the most shocking political stories of the election season is getting almost no coverage–the presence of European “observers” in battleground states in the upcoming presidential election.

The United States is the oldest democracy in the world–we were holding free and fair elections when Frenchmen were being ruled by a tyrant named Napoleon. 

The MSM (mainstream media) has ignored the story, but here’s what the Washington Times reported today:

“The observers represent a broad range of political philosophies, from the far left to the far right. The group includes communists from France and Russia, a Turkish women’s rights advocate and a counterterrorism expert from Belgium.

“Dispatched by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the group will visit a half-dozen states starting Oct. 30 to observe the final days of campaigning, voter registration and the vote-counting.”

The indispensable Washington Times, which publishes stories you won’t get elsewhere, listed some of the delegates who will be observing the U. S. election.

Ordinarily, I’d simply link to the Washington Times story, but I really want you to read this. So, here to make your blood boil, is TWT’s partial list of observers:

” ‘ Leonid Ivanchenko, a former member of the Russian Communist Party, who was expelled from the Russian Duma in September, along with two colleagues, for founding a rival communist political party. 

” ‘ Jean-Claude Lefort, a member of the French National Assembly and an official of France’s Communist Party, who has traveled to Cuba and fought to win legal recognition for French veterans of the Spanish Civil War.

” ‘ Belgian senator Hugo Coveliers, an expert in criminology, organized crime and terrorism, who in 2002 tried to resist draft legislation outlawing arms sales to nations such as the United States that do not join the International Criminal Court.

” ‘ Swedish member of parliament Carina Hagg, who was sued in 2000 by the Church of Scientology for trying to donate internal church documents to a public library.

” ‘ Norwegian parliament member Kjell Engebretsen, who was visiting the southern Sudanese town Yei just before Christmas 1999 when government forces bombed a Norwegian hospital there. No one in the delegation was injured, although three Sudanese were killed.”