Reader “Anna” e-mails to protest The Other Charlotte’s post on the Eurotrash “observers” whom the Dems plan to send to the battleground states to monitor polling places–an insult to the “oldest democracy in the world,” as Charlotte puts it (see Is Your Blood Boiling Yet?, Oct. 15). Here’s Anna:

“Remember England, Parliament, Magna Carta etc…you say the oldest democracy? Hardly. The English were doing it when the French were planting grapes and inventing super-duper machines for beheading people.

“As for your list of people watching the election, you forget to mention your own media, and a few other local interested parties like Jimmy Carter, Michael Moore, and most of the Western world’s press (not to mention several computer whizzes) who are concentrating on Florida in particular, the Diebolds voting ’machines,’ and the [Electoral] College in general to make sure that a president is elected by a MAJORITY OF REAL VOTES, not a ruling by a partisan Supreme Court. The world is watching.”

Well, I hope I don’t run into Michael Moore in my voting booth. He’s a big guy.

And here’s reader A.N. on TOC’s post on the Bush Is Hitler metaphor-mania sweeping the paranoid left (see The Hitler Analogy, Oct. 15):

“I’ve just finished reading an interesting book called The Anti-Chomsky Reader, edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz. Several of the articles detail Noam Chomsky’s rabid anti-Americanism, a central feature of which is comparisons between American and — you guessed it — Nazi Germany.

“Chomsky of course is widely read on the left and very influential, and has been writing his anti-American screeds for decades. Many of the phrases one hears coming from the left in this regard are similar or identical to allegations Chomsky has made. The book does a good job of exposing both Chomsky’s bizarre politics and his utter disregard for scholarly standards. I was struck most, though, by the congruence between his anti-American assertions and what one hears from the left, even from the Kerry campaign.”

Yes, “Hanoi” Noam Chomsky, denouncer of Amerika during the Vietnam War,  is the godfather of the Bush Is Hitler brigade.