Laura Bush may not, in Teresa Heinz Kerry’s estimation have had a ‘real’ job since before she left the library to raise her twins, but you can always count on her to say the right thing. Laura Bush is not only First Lady, she is real lady.

You already knew this, but if you want to bolster your view of Mrs. Bush, the New York Times reports that the First Lady graciously says no apology is due from Teresa. (By the way, Mickey Kaus of kausfiles has the best description of Teresa’s original interview: ‘Rhymes with Cupid.’

You might also enjoy Barbara Comstock’s musings on what constitutes a job for Teresa: ‘One wonders what a ‘real job’ is in the THK book ‘ but we can imagine (something to do with servants writing a six-million-dollar check to keep your husband’s campaign afloat?). What slipped out from Teresa “in full and at last” was the culturally elite prima donna that the Kerry staff have worked hard to keep under wraps. No doubt Kerry and his staff are all indebted to Teresa’s bankrolling skills ‘ but ‘Step Money’ is causing problems on the home front.’