“With 10 you get egg roll. With presidents you get first ladies. And we’ve had some mighty nice first ladies in this nation’s history. We’ve also had some kooks. We may get yet another on Tuesday. A very rich and snotty one at that,” writes Colin McNickle.

Mr. McNickle, of course, has had a special encounter with Teresa Heinz Kerry–he is the reporter she told to shove it. I’m told that snotty Upper East Side matrons, another group not particularly known for their gentility, immediately embraced the remark and began sporting “Shove It” buttons.

As I did in my American Spectator piece on THK (“Let them Eat Pumpkin Spice Cookies”), McNickle sees Teresa as more Mary Todd Lincoln than, say, Martha Custis Washington. Here’s a morsel:

“Should John Kerry be elected president, I (and most journalists) can’t wait for Terry Kerry’s rude, crude and uninformed pronouncements on everything from congressional and world leaders to domestic and foreign policy. A Kerry administration will need a new Cabinet-level post — the Department of Teresa Damage Control.

“What will be the first international incident she causes?

“In some cases, this billionheiress’s money speaks louder, if not more offensively, than her words. As Ben Johnson notes in the conclusion of ’57 Varieties of Radical Causes: Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Charitable Giving,’ her motto might as well be ’No radical left behind.’

“(S)he has carved a role for herself as both steward of the radical left and inside player in mainstream liberal institutions,” Mr. Johnson notes. ’The actions of her beneficiaries have often, directly or indirectly, boosted the political fortunes of’ John Kerry.

“And soon the movers could be installing her, her wealthy bully-leftist pulpit and scores of conflicts of interest in the White House’ Yikes.

“First ladies are supposed to be assets to their president husbands, not proprietors of the assets that bought their husbands the presidency….”