The delightful Jim Lileks relates his experiences handing out candy to Halloween trick-or-treaters last night:

“Most amusing moments: three boys screamed ‘BUSH IS SCARY VOTE FOR KERRY,’ whereupon I took back the bowl of candy. The look on their faces was priceless.

“’Aren’t you going to vote for Kerry’’ asked one.

“’Your choice: I can vote for Kerry and you get one piece, or I vote for Bush and you get two.’

“Total pieces dispensed: six.”


Lileks also notes that not a single trick-or-treater was dressed as Osama Bin Laden–which may mean that Osama just isn’t scary anymore:

“He’s on the same page as the would-be First Lady, proclaiming the war in Iraq a ‘war for oil,’ and complains that not enough people were killed during the recent Afghan elections. And we’re the ones waging war on Muslims. Got that’ We kick out the theocrats, hold an election for the first time in a region that was old and busted around the time Nero was stringing his first lute, and the election takes place without bands of jihadists careening around town gunning down women who want to cast a ballot. To bin Laden, this is bad. C’mon, people! If we’re going to be serious about the war against the infidel, we have to get down to killing believers in numbers that count!

“Apparently he also complained that the war isn’t going quite as he would prefer, since imagine this — the US is making life difficult for him where he lives.”

Yes, maybe Osama’s just a big crybaby. You know what this suggests to me’ That we’re doing something right over there–and so is our president.