Now’s the time to hold their feet to the fire and make all those left-wing celebrities live up to their vows to leave America should G.W. Bush win reelection. (We at InkWell maintain that he’s won in a fair fight with a record number of popular votes, and we think it’s absurd that the Dems continue to pretend that Ohio, for example, is “up for grabs” when Bush already carries 100 percent of Ohio’s precincts with 51 percent of the vote to John F. Kerry’s 48 percent).

At any rate, a wonderful website, SendThemPacking, is raising money for one-way tickets to assorted workers’ paradises so that these stars can duly get outta Bush’s Fascist Amerika as they said they would. Here are some entries from SendThemPacking’s list of those who have reportedly (accordign to SendThemPacking) said they’d leave, ranked by the order in which we at InkWell would like to see them make good on their word:

Alec Baldwin: He’s our #1 pick for emigration, because he’s a “twofer”; his wife Kim Bassinger has declared that both she and her hub would leave if Bush carried the country. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, B&B.

Barbra Streisand: Reportedly said twice that she’d blow the country, first with respect to Bush’s dad, George H.W. Bush, again with Bush fils. Time to honor those anti-Bush family values, Barbra.

Whoopi Goldberg: Not only reportedly said she’d make herself scarce in the U.S. if Dubya won but told Politically Incorrect: “I’m not sure that communism is necessarily a bad thing.”

Susan Sarandon: Reportedly said both she and her husband would leave, but now her publicist says she won’t go after all because she’s got “work commitments” here. Drat!

Robert Altman: Said he leave and also said that after Sept. 11, looking at an American flag made him sick.

SendThemPacking lists even more celebs who can’t face four more years of Bush–plus a few, such as Michael Moore, who haven’t quite vowed to leave the country but ought to, according to SendThemPacking’s readers. (Warning: Some of the stars have either denied that they intend to go or taken back their promises. Cowards!)

So far, SendThemPacking has raised $416 of the $513 cost to send one of these folks to Beijing. The site allows you to earmark your donation by clicking on the picture of your celebrity of choice, and SendThemPacking will arrange to mail him or her a one-way ticket to China, Cuba, or another suitable country. You may wonder why those supposedly rich Hollywood folks need your money to keep their promises to move out of America. SendThemPacking’s founder, Brian Keahl, has the answer:

“We realize that most of these hollywood actors and actresses might be a bit short of money since they are being taxed at the confiscatory rate the Clinton/Gore administration slapped on them in 1993. Besides, since they believe people who earn large sums of money should have it taken from them to spend on various social programs they probably give all their money away, right?”

Right. So, Barbra, Whoopi, et al., somewhere there’s a place for you in a people’s republic. It’s your job to live up to your word and find it.