“The Outlook decision desk has declared Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway the winner of our 12th Crystal Ball competition,” the Washington Post revealed yesterday.

Conway came closer to the actual election results than any of the other insiders who had given predictions of how the election would turn out the previous week in Outlook.

“Conway had accurate or near-accurate forecasts in five of six categories — both parts of the presidential vote, the composition of the House, the governorships and the outcome in Florida,” Outlook noted. “She fell short only on the makeup of the new Senate — she predicted a status quo result, missing the GOP’s pickup of four seats.”

Outlook was too nice to print excerpts from the previous week’s losers. Inkwell was all set for a cackle but it turns out that last week’s Outlook section is already in the archives and no longer free. Fox News’s Tony Snow came in second with his predictions. Inkwell congratulates both, and, without taking anything away from their uncanny foresight, wonders: Did being able to face the truth help them win?