Are women more equal than men?

Quoting George Orwell’s famous line from Animal Farm–“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”‘Carey Roberts of ifeminist shows the media now uses Orwellian language to promote the radical feminist agenda.

Among her examples of media fem speak is the report last April that Catherine Ndereba of Kenya was the “winner” of the Boston Marathon. She had achieved this distinction not by being faster than everybody else but because she was given a 29-minute head start before the men.

Roberts notes the irony of the headline in the Boston Globe: “New Rule Engenders Equal Footing.” ‘If giving women a half hour head-start is an ’equal footing,’ then would someone please explain inequality to me?’ asks Roberts.
Roberts’ essay on the corruption of language is the final installment of a series (still available on ifeminist) on radical feminist tactics employed to achieve something that definitely isn’t plain old equality.