Marine Lance Cpl. James Blake Miller, age 20, has become the “face of Fallujah,” a living symbol of our brave military forces who are currently cleaning out that terrorist rathole (thanks, Michelle Malkin, for the pic).

And the great thing is that Miller’s also waging a battle against political correctness. We’ve noticed that anti-smoking nazis haven’t dared say a word about the Marlboro cigarette dangling from Miller’s lips as his war-weary face looks straight into the camera. I don’t smoke myself, and maybe Miller ought to do something sometime about his three-pack-a-day habit, but right now I think it–and he–are just fine.

And so do a lot of other women. A Los Angeles Times story about Miller reports:

“The…Times and other publications have received scores of e-mails wanting to know about this mysterious figure. Many women, in particular, have inquired about how to contact him. ‘The photo captures his weariness, yet his eyes hold the spirit of the hunter and the hunted,’ wrote one e-mailing admirer. ‘His gaze is warm but deadly. I want to send a letter.'”

The Times continues:

“Maybe it’s about America striking back at a perceived enemy, or maybe it’s just the sense of one young man putting his life on the line halfway across the globe.”

Or maybe it’s because this young man has the guts to stand up against the nanny-state finger-waggers here at home as well as the enemy abroad.

Oh, and by the way, I loved that “perceived enemy” bit. Our mainstream media at their objective best. How about putting a lit cigarette to the L.A. Times, Joe?