On Tuesday, the day President Bush appointed Condoleezza Rice, National Security Adviser and former Stanford professor, to replace Colin Powell as secretary of state. I predicted that it wouldn’t be long before more liberal cartoonists joined the infamous Ted Rall and Jim Danziger in penning racist insults directed at Rice’s African-American identity–the kind of stuff that would be denounced from here till Sunday in the mainstream media if a right-wing cartoonist had done the artwork. (See my Condi–Yes!, Nov. 16).

“Wouldn’t be long” turned out to mean exactly one day. Pat Oliphant published his own entry in the Racist Rice Rants competition with this cartoon of Condi as Bush’s thick-lipped parrot. The IWF’s webmeister and guest-blogger Travis McSherley duly picked up on Oliphant’s slur (Rice Hazed by the Media, Nov. 17), and the IWF has issued an official denunciation  on our home page of the open season that has been declared on Rice’s skin color by the leftish pundits, who seem to think that conservative members of ethnic minorities have no rights.

And now, we’re happy to see, Michelle Malkin is also covering the Racist Rice Rants on her blog–and so is Rush Limbaugh. As Michelle writes:

“As Dr. Rice’s star rises, expect even uglier attacks. There’s nothing the Left hates more than a ‘person of color’ who is a person of substance and stature and intellect and independence first.”

So stay tuned.