Travis McSherley, the IWF’s webmeister, and I have been blogging about the racist slurs that leftist cartoonists have leveled at Condoleezza Rice, President Bush’s national security adviser who has just been appointed secretary of state (see our posts here and here and also the IWF’s official condemnation of the anti-Condi spewings). Even worse, in our opinion, the liberal establishment has sat back and ignored those insults–something that would be unthinkable had the insults come from the right.

Not all Americans, however, share the crude opinions of Pat Oliphant. I’m posting this lovely e-mail from InkWell reader K.E.:
“The recognition of the exceptional talents and expertise of Dr. Rice (and Colin Powell, for that matter) by the Bush administration has always struck me with its true ‘color-blindness’ and lack of gender bias pro or con. The president’s selection of apt leaders chosen for their wealth of knowledge and abilities has been one of the hallmarks of this administration that has never loaded the dais with ‘show time’ representation of equality. Dr. Rice is an emulation-worthy person with a dignity that transcends any labels.”

Thank you, K.E.