Thanks, InkWell readers! The letters have been pouring in to protest the open season for racism among our liberal pundits following President Bush’s appointment of Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state. (Click here to catch up and here for the IWF’s official denunciation of the Condi-bashers.) Here’s a sampling of our recent e-mail:

From J.C.:

“Thank you for reacting to the recent ‘cartoon’characterizations of Condi Rice. They were so hateful, they made my heart sick. Yet I do not see an outcry from the very groups I would expect would react (NAACP, Jesse Jackson) Condi is a very capable woman, I am proud she is where she is. I know she will do a good job. Thank God this president recognizes this.Let’s celebrate her!”

From J.H.:

“I have been keeping up with the racist depictions of Condoleezza Rice, courtesy of Indeed. Where is the outrage of the black intelligentia? Why is this not discussed on the Tom Joyner Show? His show is broadcast by a major radio network that is owned by a black woman. If Don Imus or Howard Stern had done half as much as Gary Trudeau and Pat Oliphant, the NAACP would demand their heads roll.”

From M.T.:

“I am a 57-year-old Republican white male. I am absolutely thrilled that Ms. Rice is the new secretary of state. I am equally appalled at the reaction of the liberals, as typified by [cartoonist Pat] Oliphant. Are Democrats returning to their racist roots?”

From W.W.:

“To a liberal, the worst sin a black can commit is to escape from the Democrat plantation. While they can no longer drag them back in chains, the slave chasers do beat up on them terribly.”

But here’s S.C. from the other side:

“Whaaa? You name and shame the offending cartoonists without a shred of backing. Print the damn cartoon.”

OK, S.C., here’s Pat Oliphant. And here are Jeff Danziger and Garry Trudeau.

I’ve got some good news to report: The Washington Post has joined the New York Times in deciding to dump from its website one of the top Condi-bashing cartoonists of the left, the modestly talented Ted Rall. Buh-bye, Ted! (Click here to read Rall whining, predictably, about “censorship.”) Rall went over the top, finally riling even the oh-so-tolerant Post with this strip analogizing Bush to a mentally disabled student. Liberals think that bashing handicapped children is funny when it serves their cause.

Update: Just a few minutes ago the offending strip disappeared from Rall’s website (he’s sure got the courage of his convictions, doesn’t he?). Nonetheless you can see the strip here (scroll down) on and giggle to your heart’s content at a drooling disabled youngster sitting in a school classroom.