Uh-oh–Maureen Dowd, the New York Times’s redhead/airhead liberal columnist, made the mistake of devoting most of yesterday’s column to a long excerpt from a Thanksgiving Day e-mail her conservative brother Kevin sent out to his friends expressing his gratitude that George W. Bush had won reelection. I don’t know what Maureen’s intention was here: to get the Manhattan-blue Times readership chuckling over her idiot winger family? (Maureen’s apparently the only liberal among the Dowd sibs, and her sister actually worked to get out the Bush vote on Nov. 2.)

If such was Maureen’s intention, I’d have to say that it backfired. Here’s part of what Kevin wrote:

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

“Now, just as four years ago, I breathe a huge sigh of relief and rejoice in the common sense of the American voting public. Congratulations to President Bush for winning re-election in a poker game played with a stacked deck. No candidate, including Richard Nixon, ever had to endure the biased and unfair tactics of our major media in their attempt to influence the outcome of an election. … He never complained, just systematically set about delivering the same consistent message. You may remember that four years ago, I felt physically ill watching the Democrats try to legislate their way to the presidency. …

“A very big thank you to Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Rob Reiner, Bill Maher, Barbra Streisand, Alec Baldwin, Al Franken and Jon Stewart for your involvement. You certainly energized the base. Now, please have the courage of your convictions and leave the country.

“To Bob Shrum – Cut your fee.

“To Mike McCurry, Joe Lockhart and Paul Begala – You don’t seem quite as smart without a great candidate.

“To The New York Times and The Washington Post – If Bush and Reagan were so stupid, how did they both go four for four in elections involving two of our biggest states and the presidency without your endorsement?

“We do not live in a secular country. There are all sorts of people of faith that place moral values over personal freedoms. They are not all ‘wacky evangelicals.’ They are people who don’t like Howard Stern piping a hard porn show over the airwaves and wrapping himself in the freedom of the First Amendment. They don’t like being told that a young girl does not have to seek her mother’s counsel about an abortion. They don’t like seeing an eight-month-old fetus having his head punctured and his brains sucked out. They don’t like being told the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silent prayer and the words ‘under God’ are offensive to an enlightened few so nobody should be allowed to use them. … My wife and I picked our sons’ schools based on three criteria: 1) moral values 2) discipline 3) religious maintenance – in that order. We have spent an obscene amount of money doing this and never regretted a penny. Last week on the news, I heard that the Montgomery County school board voted to include a class with a 10th-grade girl demonstrating how to put a condom on a cucumber and a study of the homosexual lifestyle. The vote was 6-0. I feel better about the money all the time.

“To Dan Rather – Good luck in your retirement.

“To Gavin Newsom – Thanks for all of the great shots of the San Francisco couples embracing their mates at City Hall in direct defiance of the law.

“To P. Diddy – ‘Vote or Die’ might need a little work.

“To John Edwards – Thanks for being there.

“To my friends – only 1,460 days until the next election. Stay vigilant. The Democrats, CBS, the NY Times and the Post may think Hillary is the perfect antidote for all those ‘stupid’ voters out there.

“Best regards, Kevin”

I got this off Michelle Malkin’s blogpage, and she adds her own thoughts:

“If the New York Times editorial board had half a collective brain, Kevin would be writing for the page…and Mo would be his receptionist.”

Inky readers: Do you agree with Michelle that Kevin, currently working as a salesman in Montgomery County, Md., is in the wrong business? Whose words would you rather read on the Gray Lady’s op-ed page, MoDo’s or KevDo’s?

I say: Big mistake, Maureen. But we love your family!