InkWell reader (but maybe not for long!) “Sandra” e-mails to tell us to quit picking on the National Organization for Women:

“What in the Sam Hell? I thought this was an independent women’s forum. I thought maybe it was a nonpartisan, all-inclusive, female-friendly FORUM. Ha! Wrong web page, long live the National Organisation of Women. At least those ‘feminazis’ have HEARTS.”

They do? This is love? Or this? But, Sandra, you can’t say we’re not a “forum.” After all, we posted your letter. I don’t see the NOW website posting any criticism of its radical agenda.

Radio talk-show host and syndicated columnist Glenn Sacks e-mails to report that the IWF’s own Carrie Lukas debated Detroit News columnist Laura Berman on Glenn’s Radio show His Side yesterday. The subject: the left-leaning National Women’s Political Caucus‘s recent report that retailed one more time that old chestnut that a woman earns only 76 cents for every dollar that a man earns.

Carrie nicely demolished that canard in an article for the IWF’s home page last week–as did our friend Myrna Blyth on National Review Online. Statistics show that when you adjust women’s earnings for age, marital status, hours worked,  kind of job held, time spent out of the workforce raising children, and so forth, the figure is more like 98 percent. Click here for an audio of the debate.