Isn’t it amazing that the scandal-ridden United Nations remains moral arbitrator of choice for the left?

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby thinks Kofi Annan should keep his job because he’s only a symptom of the deep problems at the left’ s favorite boondoggle.

Here’s Jacoby on the U.N.:

“The UN is a corrupt institution, one that long ago squandered whatever moral legitimacy it had. The UN’s founding documents venerate justice and human rights, but for the past 40 years, the organization has been dominated by a bloc of states — essentially the Afro-Asian Third World — most of whose governments routinely pervert justice and violate human rights.

“Inside the United Nations, there is no difference between a dictatorship or a democracy: Each gets exactly one vote in the General Assembly. The reason the UN indulges vicious regimes like those in North Korea, Syria, and Cuba is that they are members in good standing, and most other governments lack the courage to cross them. The UN cannot be fixed unless that changes — and that isn’t going to change.

“Cynicism, hypocrisy, bigotry — these are the hallmarks of the modern UN. The free peoples of the world, and those yearning to breathe free, deserve better. …”