Looks like Brian Williams, now sitting in Tom Brokaw’s chair, IS just another pretty face. Unlike most of us, for whom Barack Obama, the up-and-coming new senator-elect from Illinois, is a household name, Mr. Williams doesn’t seem know that the United States has a black senator.

Here’s the scoop from the New York Post’s “Page Six“:

“NBC anchor Brian Williams is already in hot water barely a week after filling Tom Brokaw’s shoes. Asked by United Airlines’ Hemisphere magazine about the scarcity of women and non-whites in top jobs at news organizations, he replied, “We have bigger problems. There are no black members of the U.S. Senate. We should keep some perspective on this.” He seems to have forgotten Sen.-elect Barack Obama (D-Ill.). The National Association of Black Journalists has slammed Williams’ remarks and asked for a meeting with NBC brass. An organization called Journalists of Color, representing Asian-American, Hispanic and Native-American journos, also expressed displeasure. Williams has issued a statement saying he values equality.”

And how ’bout valuing an eighth-grade current events class, Mr. Williams?