What can I say? Justice was done. The jury recommended the death penalty for Scott Peterson, the 32-year-old fertilizer salesman in Modesto, Calif., convicted of murdering his 27-year-old wife, Laci, and his about-to-be born son, Conner, on Christmas Eve in 2002 so that he could spend more time with his mistress.

Amazingly enough, though, not everyone cheered along with the outside-the-courthouse spectators at the Christmas present society gave to the utterly remorseless Peterson, who had denied two innocent people a Christmas two years ago (plus, as evidence at his trial indicated, deprived the entire city of Modesto of Christmas dinner by sending them on a manhunt for his supposedly missing wife while he chatted on the phone with his girlfriend). Some liberals have been boo-hooing over poor Scott, or, since it’s hard to do that with a straight face, his parents. (My own attitude toward the Petersons: Yes, it’s too bad your kid’s a monster, but how about an apology to Laci’s mom?)

I don’t know why the libs are so crazy about this lying, hair-dyeing, wife-abusing philanderer. Maybe it’s because whenever the death-penalty is involved, a good liberal is required to weep over the perp. Maybe it’s because the fact that an unborn baby was a victim gets the abortion absolutists into a tizzy. Maybe it’s because Modesto County, where Laci and Conner were murdered, went for G.W. Bush on Nov. 2. At any rate, we have these entries on the liberal blogs.

Here’s an entry from the Daily Kos:

“[W]itness the spectator reaction to Scott Peterson’s family after he was found quilty. They were jeered and taunted. I think the mean-spirited are in the minority in this country, but the poster boy of that group just won the election. Go figure.” 

And here’s the self-righteous Talk Left:

“The public will tune in to watch a person who under our legal system is presumed innocent– that is, a person accused but not yet tried for a heinous murder– get crucified on tv night after night, for weeks and months. We have been in three states since the Peterson case exploded in the media–Colorado, Texas and New York –in all three, it was the topic du jour in public places like airports, hotel bars, taxicabs, beauty salons and department stores. Everyone knew Scott Peterson–and had an opinion about his guilt. Everyone knew that he dyed his hair, had an affair with a woman named Amber and was arrested with $10k in cash in San Diego while DNA tests were being on the remains of his wife and unborn child –they even knew his alibi of going fishing.”

Yes, aren’t Middle Americans just awful? I’m waiting for the candlelight vigils outside San Quentin.