Once upon a time, a boy who wanted to play on his school’s girls’ gymnastic team might have been called a sissy.

Today he might be called a plaintiff.

According to Worldnetdaily, Keith Michael Bukowski, a junior at Stevens Point Area Senior High in Wisconsin and his mother, Janine Olszewski, have filed a summons and complaint against the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association because it rejected his membership on the team.

Young Bukowski’s complaint is the latest twist in the Title IX follies. Title IX is a 1972 statute that prohibits sex discrimination in schools and colleges. The general idea is good, but Title IX has been interpreted in a way that has led to the abolition of numerous male sports teams to achieve numerical parity between male and female athletes. This, however, may be the first time a guy has sued to get on the girls’ team.

The complaint contends that Bukowski’s “goals included gymnastics competition at the collegiate level. … His ability to obtain a scholarship in the future is compromised by his nonparticipation in gymnastics at SPASH.”