Feminist darling Barbara Boxer is riding especially high with the gang right now. “Urge your senators to stand up with Sen. Barbara Boxer and support Congressional debate on the Ohio vote count,’ the National Organization for Women’s web site urged yesterday. This is a reference to Ms. Boxer’s quixotic but malicious attempt yesterday to prevent Congress from making George W. Bush’s reelection as president official.  

The Feminist Majority web also has a story on the Boxer rebellion:

“’Senator Boxer’s courageous stand today ensures an important and historic discussion of the many election irregularities in Ohio,’ said Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority. According to Congressional rules, it takes one Representative and one Senator to reject the Electoral College’s vote and force a debate.”

“I have concluded that objecting to the electoral votes from Ohio is the only immediate way to bring these issues to light by allowing you to have a two-hour debate to let the American people know the facts surrounding Ohio’s election,” Sen. Boxer wrote in a letter to Rep. Tubbs Jones, according to the Associated Press.

“Many voting irregularities have been observed in Ohio, from lines as long as 11 hours to vote in some polling locations, to voting machine flaws, to intimidation of voters, to ballot-counting problems, to insufficient voting machines, to exit poll disparities, to concerns about provisional ballot distribution and counting, to inexplicable purging of voters in the years prior to the election. ’Our work and analysis of 2004 voting data by county and voting equipment has resulted in many concerns about the conduct of our national elections,’ said Smeal in her comments at the Congressional Forum on Election Irregularities in Ohio in December.’”

Notice that there’s no real evidence that the Ohio vote was stolen by the Republicans–the most they can say is that their “work and analysis” of voting data raises “concerns” about the conduct or our national elections.

Ah, Florida dreamin’–the left loves to relive those halcyon days. Abigail Thernstrom of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission explained in an interview with the Independent Women’s Forum that that publicly-funded entity was not able to find any real evidence of those legendary abuses so beloved by the left.

The Boxer Rebellion yesterday in Congress was really an attempt to once again foster distrust for the electoral process. Much of the bitterness of the last four years was the result of the feeling that the previous presidential election had been stolen in Florida.

The most interesting indication of feminist strength in the Democratic Party was that Hillary Clinton, who’s obviously planning to seek the presidency in four years, joined the rebellion. As the New York Post put it:

“So much for the new, moderate — dare we say centrist — Hillary Rod ham Clinton.

“Yesterday she lined up with her party’s moonbat ’They-Stole-Ohio’ caucus to headline the first formal congressional challenge to a presidential election since 1877 — only to see the effort, in equal measures baseless and slanderous, fail spectacularly.

“Thus the second inauguration of George W. Bush as president of the United States will proceed on schedule Jan. 20.

“No doubt visions of her own installation are dancing in Hillary’s head; that could explain her flirtation with the grassy-knoll commandos of her party’s left wing: They work hard for their candidates in presidential primaries.”

Sure, we want to look at election irregularities, but Boxer was engaging in political theater. At the expense of the Republic. Hillary’s involvement is a sign of just how hard it is going to be for her to don we now her red apparel and run as a centrist.