Something serious, a paradigm shift in the way civilization views women, is happening, and you may not even know about it–women are being moved closer and closer to combat.

“I recently heard from a female soldier who feels betrayed by the Army. Calm but justifiably angry, the soldier said she is being assigned to a forward-support company that will ’collocate’ with the Army’s new, modular infantry/armor land combat battalions. This is a serious change in policy, unfair to men and women soldiers alike,” Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Preparedness wrote in the January 7 National Review.

There’s an important place for women in the military, and many women have served our country with valor and honor, but that place is not being shot at, raped by enemy combatants, or killed or maimed in fighting.

Feminists have long wanted to put women in combat, but military women apparently don’t want to give their lives to satisfy the feminists. They don’t want to die to bring about the feminist paradise. But they may end up doing just that. Even though rules are in place to protect women, the military seems to be going ahead with plans to move them ever closer to combat:
“Under current regulations,” notes Donnelly, “women cannot be forced to serve in smaller direct ground-combat units such as infantry or armor battalions, or in companies that collocate with them. If the Defense Department wants to change these rules, law requires that the secretary must notify Congress no less than 30 legislative days in advance, when both houses are in session. Despite the ’collocation rule’ and the congressional notification law, the Army is unilaterally assigning women to previously all-male forward-support companies in its new ’unit of action’ land combat teams, which are key to the Army’s ‘transformation’ to a lighter, faster force.

“In letters signed by underlings, the Army claims compliance because the units in question will belong to gender-mixed brigade-support units operating elsewhere. This is only an administrative sleight of hand, which a May 10 Army briefing admitted could be seen as ‘subterfuge.’ Pentagon planners rearranged blocks on organizational charts, but in practice the forward-support companies in question will still be collocated with and organic to the Army’s new combined infantry/armor maneuver battalions 100 percent of the time.
“What’s worse, Army officials have tried to mislead Congress about their intent. During a November 3, 2004, briefing for congressional staffers, Pentagon officials denied any violation or change in rules exempting female soldiers from assignments in land-combat-collocated units. A different briefing conducted inside the Pentagon on November 29 stated that the preferred ’way ahead’ is to ’rewrite/eliminate the Army collocation policy.’”