I’d say it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood, but in mine it’s not–I live in Washington’s trendy Adams Morgan ‘hood, where the optimistic chatter in the coffee shop early on Election Day was whether Jimmy Carter would get to be secretary of state.

I feel sorry for the ‘hood–not because their guy lost but because they’re unable to accept it. Why not enjoy the festivities and this celebration of the will of the people, even if they didn’t will your guy into office? I’ve had a good time going to parties years my guy lost and years my guy won. 

If you are put off by the undercurrent tones in MSM (mainstream media) reports on today’s festivities, the Washington Times has a nice package on 43’s second inauguration, and a puckish piece by editor-in-chief Wes Pruden wondering if W. is going to send the elite en masse to the dentists–if he mentions God, they gnash their teeth.