Here is Entry No. 1,863 in my file titled Why the Liberal Media Don’t Get It:

It’s Jenna Bush, at an inaugural ball with her dad and sister Barbara giving a crowd of delighted  fellow Texans the “Hook ‘Em, Horns” football hand-cheer for the University of Texas, from which Jenna just got her B.A.:

At least that’s what the picture signifies to Texans, football fans, and practically everyone else who’s grown up in America. But not to the oh-so-clever liberal-elite blogger Wonkette, who writes this caption under the photo (thanks, Michelle Malkin, for pointing this out):

“Coronation Continues: Jenna of Darkness went to the University of Texas or whatever. You don’t have to be in Skull and Bones to drink Jew baby blood.”

Huh? What’s the joke?

Well, it seems, as one of Michelle’s readers pointed out, that Wonkette subscribes to the theory that the Skull and Bones Society, to which G.W. Bush belonged in his Yalie days, engages in Satanic rituals that include the consumption of the blood of Jewish infants.

The strange thing is that only Wonkette seems to actually believe this theory, which she’s offered before on her blogsite–Wonkette and the proprietors of a couple of dead websites on one of her pages. I googled in vain the words “skull bones jew baby blood yale” and found pertinent links to Wonkette and only to Wonkette.

Aren’t liberal media-mavens weird?