We’re glad Senator Clinton is recovering from her fainting spell–but now we’d like to talk about her feigning spell. Yes, it’s reinvention time for the junior senator from New York.

“Clinton changes images with the quickness of Madonna,” Suzanne Fields wrote in yesterday’s Washington Times. “Like the Queen of Pop, she provokes and reacts, rethinks and reforms, pushes at hot buttons and then cools off with a dip in the mainstream.

“Madonna moved from ’Like a Virgin’ to ’Married With Children,’ and began writing children’s books. Hillary went from high-octane lawyer in Little Rock who didn’t want to stay home to bake cookies to being a first lady sharing her recipe for chocolate chip cookies. She went from standing by her man in a way that Tammy Wynette might have sung about, to standing up for New York in the United States Senate.

“Both Madonna and Hillary have made a lot of stops that women understand. Madonna, who was born Catholic, now seeks meaning in the Jewish mysticism of the Kabala, and has even taken a Jewish name: Esther. Hillary never abandoned the Methodist social gospel, and now she’s making noises that fall lightly on the ears of the evangelical swing voters who were turned off by John Kerry’s tinny attempt to talk about ’values.’”

Fields shares my feeling that the victory-challenged Democrats will let their little darlin’ get by with feigning sympathy with us red staters:

“She expects her base to submit, even if grudgingly,” writes Suzanne, “just as the blacks of the Rainbow Coalition submitted to her husband. She knows that feminists have hurt their cause by stubbornly refusing to give any credibility to moral and religious arguments against abortion. Some feminists inevitably see her remarks as a flip-flop, but Hillary is no John Kerry. She was merely changing emphasis, and she’s likely to extend the ’common ground’ theme to good effect.”