The Other Charlotte comments below that the National Organization for Women has yet to comment on the Iraqi elections, certainly one of the most empowering moments for women in recent memory.

Could this really be true? Gentle Reader, it is really true. At a time when women have won a victory, standing up for their rights in a part of the world where oppression isn?t a figment of the collective imagination, here are some of the headlines on NOW?s website:

“Through the Looking Glass: NOW Opposes Attorney General Nominee Alberto Gonzales” 

“NOW Calls for Resignation of Harvard University?s President”


“Heroes and Zeroes”

The last is a column by NOW President Kim Gandy:
“Just this week we were offered a stunning study in contrasts, from Monday when we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to yesterday, when we protested the coronation (whoops…inauguration) of George W. Bush for a second term. The year has barely begun, yet we already have a running list of heroes and zeroes. Let?s start with the good news….”

The really stunning thing is that their website hasn?t yet embraced the cause of freedom for women in the Middle East.

What planet do these gals inhabit?