Do you ever wish radical feminists would Just Shut Up with their negative critiques of society? Well, sometimes they do go silent, as Pamela Bone notes:

“The great silence by left-leaning Western feminists, and other large parts of the left, to human rights abuses carried out in the name of Islam is, to see it as its kindest, caused by an overdeveloped sense of tolerance or cultural relativism. But it is also part of the new anti-Americanism. Look at American Christian fundamentalism, they say.

“Dislike of George Bush’s foreign policy has led to an automatic support of those perceived to be his enemies. Paradoxically, this leaves the left defending people who hold beliefs that condone what the left has long fought against: misogyny, homophobia, capital punishment, suppression of freedom of speech. The recent reaffirmation by Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie has been met by virtual silence; as has the torture and murder in Iraq of a man who would be presumed to be one of the left’s own — Hadi Salih, the international officer of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions. The hard left these days is soft on fascism, or at least Islamofascism.”

Thanks to Instapundit for spotting Bone’s essay. Notes Insta:

“Western feminists were happy to condemn the Taliban until it looked as if someone was going to do something about them. And they’ll happily condemn the Saudis whenever they look like our allies.”