Have you been following the saga of the accused terrorist–identified only as G–who has been released from an English prison because he is suffering from depression?

G had been out on bail but when he received two mysterious visitors, the government decided to rethink the situation.

A hearing was held:

“G attended the hearing yesterday with his wife. He was not required to sit in the secure dock.

“Although Siac [the special anti-terrorism court] concluded in October 2003 that G had ’actively assisted terrorists who have links to al-Qa’eda,’ he was released from Belmarsh prison into house arrest last April after his continued detention caused a ’serious relapse’ in his mental condition. He was suffering from a ’depressive illness.’”

Roger Kimball of the New Criterion was reminded of a quote from the French philosopher Jean-Fran’ois Revel: “Democratic civilization,” Revel observed, ‘is the first in history to blame itself because another power is trying to destroy it.”

Quite a Revel-ation.