A transcript of Harvard President Larry Summers’ infamous remarks has finally been released and a CPAC blogger dismantles it and figures out what Really so unhinged the left about Summers’ unguarded moment.

According to the blogger: Summers was “asking too many questions,” [can’t do that in academia] and questioning the basis of affirmative action (“the sentence for that offense is death!”).

In short, says the CPAC blogger, Larry Summers is a…heretic:

“Let me make this clear. Any university president asking valid questions about Affirmative Action instantly becomes a target of the left. No matter their past performance or qualifications, the left wants them gone. The whole gender thing was a red herring. They want him out of office for these remarks.

“Releasing the transcripts backfired on his critics. Not only did he not say anything offensive about women but it revealed the true motives behind the attack. It will be interesting to see if his critics suddenly clam up. That would be the smart thing to do….But past history tells us they will hit the bottom of this hole and commence blasting.”

PS. I’ve been trolling the ‘net this a.m. and here’s another very helpful piece on the Summers trancript. It boils it down to the essentials.